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Street cleaning and grounds maintenance

Weed treatment programme

How are weeds controlled

  • weed spraying is carried out on a rotational schedule during the year. 
  • each cycle takes approximately one month to complete
  • treatment is applied during the spring, summer and autumn (weather dependent) to all highway street kerbs, and back lines
  • sometimes an additional spray is required depending on growing conditions, or if the treatment was not effective.

What substance is used

Weeds are sprayed using a herbicide called Glyphosate. When the herbicide is applied to a weed it works its way through the plant killing it completely. The herbicide used has a very low toxicity to humans, animals, and insects as it breaks down into harmless substances upon contact with the soil. It can be used in areas open to the public and their pets. 

We use Glyphosate to:

  • spray the weeds and grass, around obstacles including street trees, street lamps, sign boards, bollards and bins.
  •  in grass area’s to reduce the amount of strimming,and prevent strimmer damage to trees.
  •  to control the weeds growing in shrubs
  •  to control the noxious weeds i.e. Japanese Knotweed, Giant Hogweed as and when required.

After treatment

Once the herbicide has been applied Veolia will wait around 4 weeks to ensure the treatment has been fully effective. The weeds are then removed using mechanical sweepers where possible, or manually removed.