Street cleaning and grounds maintenance

Street cleaning

Street Cleansing

The cleaning of Northampton is important to our residents, visitors and businesses. Our aim is to:

  • Clean the town centre and busy shopping areas to a high standard, 7 days a week
  • Visit streets in residential areas on a rotational schedule.
  • Carry out regular inspections to measure the cleanliness of the town in relation to national standards (NI 195)
  • Remove dead animals, drug paraphenalia, broken glass, and offensive graffiti from streets and open spaces within 2 hours

Report an area for cleaning

If any public area is badly littered, or if you see any fly tipping, or bins overflowing please tell us about it. You can report a variety of problems, quickly and easily using our online form.

Leaf Clearance

Veolia will carry out leaf removal across Northampton on Council owned land and adopted highways within a prescribed schedule, which usually runs between November and January. To ensure they are able to visit all areas, please allow them time to complete their schedule before reporting leaves for removal.

If you do see an area that has been missed after this time you can use our online form . Do not report tree issues on this form.