Neighbourhood Wardens & Park Rangers

Neighbourhood Wardens & Park Rangers

Northampton's Neighbourhood Wardens and Park Rangers help reduce environmental crime, anti-social behaviour, minimise the fear of crime and provide a link with services for the community to prevent: 

  • Street & vehicle crime and abandoned vehicles
  • Anti-social behaviour, vandalism and burglary
  • Fly tipping
  • Graffiti
  • Environmental problems caused by putting refuse out too early
  • Litter
  • Overgrown greenery

You can contact your Neighbourhood Warden or your Park Ranger Team if you have any concerns relating to your area. The wardens and rangers provide highly visible patrols on the streets and parks of the areas they are responsible for. 

Neighbourhood Wardens and Park Rangers are able to issue fixed-penalty notices, when appropriate, and also have the authority to confiscate tobacco and prevent the consumption of alcohol in public areas. Both teams are involved in a range of projects working with residents and businesses to improve local communities, ie: actively participating in Northampton in Bloom and helping to co-ordinate community clean ups in open spaces.

How will Neighbourhood Wardens work within their community?

Neighbourhood Wardens can help by: 

  • Acting as a link between the community and other agencies such as the police, fire and local authorities
  • Working to track down offenders, both businesses and individual, and taking the appropriate legal action.
  • Dealing with complaints about environmental issues
  • Keeping track of incidents reported until we have a result
  • Checking on empty properties, which are often the target for anti-social behaviour
  • Being a visible presence on the streets and helping to make people feel safer
  • Reporting anti-social behaviour and involving the relevant organisations
  • Promoting and supporting local meetings, festivals, fun days and environmental events to help build community spirit and encourage the establishment of self-help groups 

Neighbourhood Wardens are easy to spot in their fluorescent yellow jackets with the words 'Neighbourhood Warden' printed on the back.

Park Rangers

The Park Rangers are involved in a range of projects, such as Northampton in Bloom and working with residents and business to improve Northampton's parks.