Street cleaning and grounds maintenance

Grounds maintenance

Hedge pruning 

Hedge and shrubbery pruning takes place on a rotational schedule across the town in the autumn and winter, once the grass cutting has stopped. 

The only work carried out during the spring and summer is anything identified as a health and safety issue. This is due to DEFRA guidelines on nesting birds, which prohibit our contractor doing any work which may disturb them during this period. 

Health and safety issues include:

  • obstuction of a footpath or highway
  • obstruction of doors, windows, or emergency exit

Each report is reviewed on a case-by-case basis. Any work not identified as a health and safety issue will be added to the winter maintenance schedule.

Grass cutting 

Grass cutting takes place on a rotational schedule accross the town during the spring and summer months, after hedge and shrubbery pruning has stopped. No grass cutting takes place during the autumn and winter.

Maintaining parks and gardens

idverde, Veolia's grounds maintenance contractor are responsible for the general operational management and day-to-day maintenance of the town's parks and gardens.

 They have a dedicated team of staff who pride themselves on delivering a high standard of maintenance such as:

  • grass areas
  • litter collection
  • flower and shrub beds
  • hedges
  • playgrounds
  • outdoor sports facilities


If there is a non-emergency issue with a fallen or broken branch/tree please contact us online or by emailing [email protected] 

Leaf clearance

Veolia are currently carrying out leaf removal across Northampton on paths and highways within a prescribed schedule, which will continue into the middle of January.

Tree emergencies

For health and safety issues, or if there is a tree or branch blocking a road or footpath, please call us on 0300 330 7000