Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)

Landlord and tenant responsibilities

Landlord responsibilities

Landlords should ensure that refuse and litter are not allowed to accumulate in the house, except when pending disposal, and he shall provide and maintain suitable refuse and litter bins, except where they are provided by the local authority. They are also responsible for the disposal of any refuse if the local authority fails to do so.

They must take reasonable precautions are taken to ensure the general safety of the residents of the house with regard to the structural conditions of the house and to prevent access to any areas that are unsafe, including window sills that are at or near floor level.

They must ensure the name, address and telephone number of the landlord or managing agent of the house is displayed in the house.

Finally that the council is provided with information (in writing) of the number of individuals and households within the house, the numbers of individuals in each household and the purpose for which each room in the house is used.

Tenant responsibilities

It is the duty of all tenants in a property to ensure that the agent can effectively carry out his duties. They must:

  • allow the manager access, at all reasonable times, to any occupied room, that he may carry out his duties
  • provide the manager on request with any relevant information
  • comply with arrangements made by the agent in respect of fire precautions or litter storage and disposal
  • take care not to hinder in any way the agent in the performance of his duties
  • take reasonable care to avoid damaging anything which the agent is under obligation to keep in good repair