Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMOs)


The council has a proactive inspection programme of HMOs. If conditions in the properties inspected are not up to standard, the landlord or owner is required to improve them. The regulations state that it shall be the responsibility of the manager of the HMO to ensure that the following are maintained in repair, clean condition and good order (including, where appropriate, proper working order):

Water supply, drainage and general services

All means of water supply and drainage in the house are to be maintained, repaired, kept clean and be protected against frost damage. Tanks and cisterns should be clean and covered. The manager shall not unreasonably cause the supply of water, gas or electricity to be interrupted.

Parts and installations in common use

The manager shall also ensure that common areas such as staircases, passageways, corridors and entrances are kept reasonably free from obstruction. All handrails and banisters and any stair coverings should be kept repaired or replaced or be provided where necessary for the safety of the residents.  Included are installations that serve any part of the house in common use:

  • installations for the supply of gas and electricity, for lighting and for space heating or heating water;
  • sanitary conveniences, baths, sinks, washbasins and installations for cooking or storing food; receptacles or other installations provided in connection with the delivery to the house of postal packets;
  • other installations (if any) in a kitchen, bathroom, lavatory or washroom which are not subject to any of the foregoing provisions of these regulations.

Living accommodation

The internal structure of any part of the house occupied by a resident as his living accommodation including the installations for supply of water, gas, electricity, and sanitation are in and remain in good repair.

Lighting, windows and ventilation

Includes all windows and other means of ventilation. The manager shall ensure that installations for lighting serving any part of the house in common use are readily available to residents, including lighting for staircases and entrances to the house, which are used by residents whether or not they are in common use.

Means of escape from fire

All means of escape from fire in the house and all apparatus, systems and other fire precaution equipment are to be maintained and kept free from obstruction. It shall be the responsibility of the manager to display in suitable positions in the house signs indicating all means of escape from fire in the house.

Outbuildings in common use

Includes all outbuildings, and outside areas which belong to the house and are in common use. They should be maintained in good clean condition, and any boundary walls, fences and railings should be kept in good repair so as not to constitute a danger to residents.

Fair rent inspections

Fair rent valuations are carried out by the Rent Service which is an executive agency of the Department for Work and Pensions. For further information about Fair Rents and Fair Rent Inspections please contact the local Rent Service office for this region:

The Rent Service
5 Victoria Court
Kent Street

Telephone: 0115 853 2120

 Information regarding first tier tribunal hearings

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