Affordable housing in Northampton

Council and housing association homes and other options

Several thousand people apply to rent a council or housing association home in Northampton every year. Unfortunately very few properties become available.

We will only consider adding you to the housing register for a council or housing association home if you qualify, and your household has an urgent or moderate need for affordable rented housing in Northampton.

For most people, it is often better and far quicker to find a home to rent from a private landlord. We can help you to rent a home in the private sector.

If you are working then you may also be able to get help to buy your own home.

Northampton's housing register

Northampton's housing register is a list of people who have been assessed and qualify to live in a council or housing association home in Northampton and the Northampton-related development area. The full details are explained in Northampton's Allocations and Choice Based Lettings Scheme.

Apply to join Northampton's housing register 

If you think you may qualify for a council or housing association home in Northampton then you can apply to join Northampton's housing register

Northampton Partnership Homes will assess your application as they are responsible for managing the housing register on our behalf.

What happens next  

Step 1 - answer a few questions to see if you qualify to join the housing register

  • if you qualify then you will be directed to the housing register application form

Step 2 - complete the registration form

Step 3 - Northampton Partnership Homes will look at the information you provide and:

  • assess your application form
  • contact you if they need more information
  • let you know if you have been accepted on to the housing register
  • tell you what priority you have
  • let you know if your application is going to be cancelled and why

Step 4 - bid for homes that are advertised

  • if you are accepted onto the housing register then you must check which homes are advertised each week and bid for anything that is suitable
  • Northampton Partnership Homes will explain how you can see the adverts and how to place your bids 

Step 5 - receive an offer 

  • if your bid is successful, a few more checks will be made to see if you still qualify before you are offered the home

Northampton Partnership Homes

Northampton Partnership Homes provides a wide range of housing services for us. These include:

  • advertising council and housing association homes in YourHome online choice-based lettings magazine  
  • offering council tenancies to people who successfully bid for council properties
  • nominating people to housing associations who successfully bid for housing association properties
  • managing council tenancies on our behalf
  • repairing, maintaining and improving existing council homes
  • building new council homes

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