Growth Hub & PA Pilot

Growth Hub & PA Pilot

We are working alongside other Northamptonshire Environmental Health departments (and county Trading Standards) on a new PA pilot to connect businesses to professional, trusted regulatory advice and support to ensure they stay compliant with the most up to date legislation. This advice and support can be provided informally, or via a legally recognised partnership through the ‘Primary Authority’ partnership scheme.

Why should your business work with local regulators?

Whatever business you operate, there will be regulations you need to comply with. These could be national and/or local requirements. Regulations are in place to make sure both your business and customers are kept safe.

It is important for everyone (customers, business owners, suppliers, and regulators) that businesses conduct their undertaking to the best possible standards; knowing what is required of them allows businesses to fully conform. The pilot offers the opportunity for free consultation between a business and us, providing the help and support required on an individual basis.

The benefits of working with NBC include

  • Access to trusted, qualified professionals
  • Improved business efficiency and profitability
  • Regulators that can help your business avoid the pitfalls on a number of areas including: health and safety, food safety and hygiene, licensing and registrations and environmental pollution

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