Taxi and private hire emissions and age policy

Taxi and private hire emissions and age policy consultation

Starts: 24 November 2016

Ends: 16 February 2017

Have your say on the proposals for taxis and private hire vehicle licence age and emission standards


A licence is required before a vehicle can be used as a taxi or private hire vehicle. The vehicle must meet a local specification policy before it will be accepted as suitable to be licensed by this authority. Currently there is no specification set by this authority on an emission standard that a vehicle must meet and there are no age restrictions on the types of vehicles that are licensed.

We are considering making changes to the current vehicle policy to introduce a low emission vehicle requirement. This is to help improve the air quality in Northampton.

We are also considering making changes to the current vehicle policy to introduce a new upper age requirement for vehicles because we are concerned that many of the older vehicles are not being maintained to a suitable standard.

Improving the types of vehicles that are used within the Northampton town can form a part of a wider strategy to assist with improving air quality for residents and visitors of Northampton. There are a number of ways in which the local authority can promote these changes and this includes a change in policy for the types of vehicles that can be licensed as a taxi or private hire vehicle, by moving away from higher polluting vehicles to lower emission vehicles.

The local authority has a draft low emission strategy 2016-2021 that is currently under consideration and these proposals seek to take forward a further consultation on one part of the plan.

As part of these proposals the local authority is investigating funding bids to assist with supporting the infrastructure to support the use of electric vehicles.


A policy has been proposed that aims to make an immediate change by only granting new licences to vehicles that meet either an electric/hybrid, Euro 6 diesel or Euro 4 petrol standard from January 2018. This change will then apply to all existing hire licensed vehicles from January 2020.

A further change will then be applied to specify that all vehicles must meet an electric/hybrid standard from January 2025. 

It is also proposed to introduce a maximum 12 year age limit on vehicles that will be licensed by this authority for the first time. The proposed policy will only allow for exiting vehicles over 12 years to remain on the taxi/private hire fleet, providing that they meet an exceptional standard criteria.  

It is proposed to apply the same criteria for both of the above proposals to both taxi and private hire vehicles.

How to take part

We welcome views from licensees, relevant businesses and services, members of the public and any other interested parties.

As each proposal will be considered and determined separately, there are two surveys in respect of the proposed emission standard and the maximum age policy and you will need to complete each of the surveys as detailed in the links below if you wish to comment on each proposal.

Emission standard policy

Maximum age policy

Next steps

All completed questionnaires and comments received during the consultation period will be taken into consideration and presented in a final report to the Licensing Committee and will be used to inform their decision.

Further information

For help, or further information, please contact us:

Licensing Team
The Guildhall,
St. Giles Square,

Tel: 01604 838711

Email: [email protected]

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