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Alcohol and entertainment licences

Licensing fees and paying annual invoices online

Licensing fees

Some fees are set by statute and those fees cannot be amended by the council; however, the council is responsible for setting other fees to cover processing and determination of applications as well as ensuring compliance with the relevant licensing regime.

The council reviews the fees that it can set at regular intervals to ensure that the fee being charged recovers the cost of the application process and ensuring compliance.


Find out about our fees and how you can pay online.

Fees and online payments

Annual invoicing online payment

If you have received an invoice to request payment of your annual licensing fee, you can pay this online using the secure payment portal and selecting sales invoices (8 digits).

You will need to enter the 8 digit number that is shown on your invoice; this usually starts with a number 1.

If you have any questions regarding licensing policies or fees after reading the information on this page, please contact the Licensing team.