West Northamptonshire Council website launches

Residents of West Northamptonshire can look forward to a seamless customer experience when they visit the new unitary Council’s website, which launched in its full form today (April 1, 2021). West Northamptonshire Council website launches

Food business registrations and inspections


All food businesses are required to register within their local authority. If you are planning to open a new food business or if there are any changes in activities of your food business, such as a new owner, please complete a food registration form.

Apply online

When we receive your completed registration form we will send you a letter explaining the next steps we will take. There are a number of things that you need to consider when running a food business and it is very important to get things right at the start, because this will make it much easier for you to run your business well in the future.

Apply for approval of a food business establishment subject to approval under regulation (EC) no. 853/2004

Some food businesses require approval under EC Regulations. If your business supplies products of animal origin to other businesses you may need to apply for approval.

Apply for approval