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Animal licensing

Keeping, breeding and boarding animals

New legislation came into effect on 1 October 2018, overhauling current animal licencing laws. Changes will impact how residents and local businesses buy and sell pets, use day care or animal boarding services and keep and train animals for exhibitions.

Anyone selling pets, and dog breeders operating as a business or breeding more than three litters a year, will need to apply for a licence from us..

Adverts selling pets must include the following :

  • The licence number
  • Name of local authority issuing the licence
  • Photograph and age of pet
  • County of origin and residence of pet

If you're looking to buy a new furry companion, it is vital that you look out for these things to make sure that the person selling is doing so legitimately to ensure animal welfare.

The change in legislation requires anyone offering dog day care or home boarding to apply for a licence. Before using these services please be mindful and make sure that anyone providing these services holds the correct licence.

If you previously registered a performing animal with the county council, you will need to apply for a licence from us under the new requirements. A new star rating is also being rolled out for all animal activity licences, with ratings from one to five. This rating will be displayed on the licence.

To check whether a business holds the correct licence, or to apply for a licence, contact the licensing team via [email protected]
Information on eligibility criteria, legal information and any applicable fees are cited on each individual licence.

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