Stamp Out Hate Crime

Northampton Youth Forum's Stamp Out Hate Crime campaign

 A campaign led by Northampton Youth Forum

Over 90% young people and others surveyed in Northampton area told Northampton Youth Forum in summer 2011 that they want more done by schools, groups and employers, to make people feel safe to report hate and bullying incidents, to raise awareness of what bullying and hate crime are and their impacts.

So many people have experienced bullying, and almost everyone we asked told us they hear the word 'gay' used negatively always or most of the time. Now we want everyone to get involved in preventing, reporting and stamping out hate crime including bullying and cyberbullying.

We don't want anyone to suffer. We don't want anyone to feel there's nowhere to get help. We want young people to be better informed, to understand what hate crime is and that it has consequences - legally and in terms of people's well-being, self-esteem and mental health.

Please support our campaign 'Stamp out Hate Crime':

Ways you can get involved and useful downloads

  • Join our Facebook page (free and other resources) and help with reporting too. Join now and get your friends to join to so that if you or someone you know suffers hate crime or bullying you have the information easily to get help.
  • This is our pledge to stamp out hate crime - a simple way to show your support: just print this out, put it on a board and get your friends, students, colleagues etc all to sign it show your group/organisation's commitment to stamp out hate crime.
  • What hate crime is - some familiar situations - including bullying and cyberbullying.

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