Councillor Community Fund

What is the scheme for?

The Councillor Community Fund (also know as Councillor Empowerment Fund) is a scheme which grants £2,000 per year, to each of Northampton Borough Council's councillors.

The fund exists to enable Councillors to efficiently and effectively allocate money within their ward, to make a positive impact on the areas they represent and to empower local residents to be active in their communities.

Examples of organisations that might be funded

This list is not exhaustive; it is intended to give an idea of the wide range of organisations that could receive funding:

  • Organisations that are working with schools, uniformed groups, such as Scouts, children's centres and youth clubs
  • Sports organisations and clubs
  • Parish councils
  • Organisations working with older people
  • Organisations working with people with disabilities
  • Community centres/facilities
  • Cultural organisations 
  • Women's groups
  • Environmental groups

Apply for funding


What has been funded already?