West Northamptonshire Council website launches

Residents of West Northamptonshire can look forward to a seamless customer experience when they visit the new unitary Council’s website, which launched in its full form today (April 1, 2021). West Northamptonshire Council website launches

Small Grants Fund

Small Grant Allocations 2018

Organisation Amount
Abington Avenue URC £3,000.00
Northampton Carnival £3,000.00
County Toy Library £1,500.00
Free 2 Talk £3,000.00
Northampton Federation of Disability £1,500.00
Sports for Fitness £1,500.00
Association of Northampton Supplementary Schools £3,000.00
Martial Arts Academy £3,000.00
NBA Gateway Centre £2,827.52
Northampton Rape Crisis £3,000.00
Saints Foundation £3,000.00
Wootton Scouts £2,000.00
Samaritans £2,432.00
Buddies of Beckets £3,000.00
Camrose Community Toy Library £2,906.75
Northampton ESCO £3,000.00
Radio Nene Valley £3,000.00