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Equality Allies

The Equality Allies project was the idea of Northampton's Youth Forum as part of their work around hate crime. The young people wanted to develop something to show a person is an ally to any person targeted by any form of hate crime.

Progressed through Northampton Borough Council Community Forums, the red heart-shaped logo was designed with an equals sign in the middle to reflect equality.

An equality ally is a person who believes in equality for everyone. They will not tolerate acts of violence or hostility directed at any person because of who they are or who someone thinks they are.

To become an ally, collect your free equality badge or bracelet charm at the launch event or at one of our community events and wear it proudly. If you see someone being targeted because of who they are, stand up for them. You do dot have to challenge a perpetrator directly to be an ally; stay with the person and help them to feel less alone and vulnerable, or help them get to a safe place.

Never put your personal safety at risk. Report hate crime on 101, or 999 in an emergency, or report online at report-it.org.uk.

If you need support following a hate crime, call Voice confidentially on 0300 303 1965.