Hate crime

Keep Safe - a scheme to help people with learning disabilities

The Keep Safe card was launched in March 2011 at Northampton Town Football Club.

The Keep Safe card is for anybody with a learning disability who wants one.

Each person decides what information they want to put on their card.

The information will also go on the Police Disability Line.

A DVD has been made to show the Keep Safe places what to do if someone needs help and to show people with learning disabilities how to use their card.

The first Keep Safe places have been the One Stop Shop at Northampton Guildhall, police stations and libraries. Other places are being added. Safe places have a Keep Safe sign on the door or in their window.

Local groups of people with learning disabilities have helped with their ideas for Keep Safe places. People with learning disabilities have helped deliver train the trainer type training to create trainers around the county who can help raise learning disability awareness and awareness of the Keep Safe scheme.

The scheme involves 'secret shoppers' or 'mystery shoppers' who visit Keep Safe places to make sure they are showing their Keep Safe sign and know how to respond to people asking for help.

There is also a DVD which is being shown in schools, to raise awareness of disability hate crime. The film is called the 'School for Monsters' and you can find it on YouTube too.

You can find out more about Keep Safe online.