West Northamptonshire Council website launches

Residents of West Northamptonshire can look forward to a seamless customer experience when they visit the new unitary Council’s website, which launched in its full form today (April 1, 2021). West Northamptonshire Council website launches

Out tonight? do it right


Out tonight? do it right

There's nothing better than a good night out and nothing worse than a bad one.

These tips will help you stay safe and have a great night every step of the way.

Before heading out

  • Make sure you know who's coming out and how you're getting home
  • Choose a meeting point where you'll wait for friends if you get separated 
  • Save the number of a reputable private hire company in your phone and know where the taxi ranks are. You can find out about Northampton's taxi ranks in our licensing section.
  • Charge your phone - a flat battery is no use to anyone. (For about £5 you can buy a portable power bank to give your phone a boost while you're out.)
  • Save an ICE (in-case-of-emergency) contact on your phone. You can use the medical ID on your smart phone - just make sure you select 'show when locked'. If you go out with a regular group, why not think about saving each other's emergency contacts on your phones as a backup?
  • Get home quickly and safely by downloading an approved safer route home from Northampton Town Centre back to the University of Northampton's Waterside Campus.

While you're out

  • Tell someone if you decide to leave earlier than planned
  • Text the address to someone you trust if you decide to go home with someone new
  • Street marshals and street pastors are often out in the town centre on busy Friday and Saturday nights. They can help if something doesn't go to plan

Getting home

  • Never accept a lift from a stranger, there are plenty of licensed taxis in Northampton
  • Hail a black cab in the street or at a taxi rank, or ring ahead to book a private hire car to collect you from wherever you are
  • Look for a licence plate - a licensed taxi in Northampton will always have a claret and white licence plate on the back of the car, while licensed private hire vehicles will always display a yellow and white licence plates. (It's a good idea to make a note of the licence number, as it will make things a lot easier if you lose something or want to make a complaint.)
  • Find out more about licensed vehicles in Northampton.
  • If you choose to walk home, think ahead and plan your route to make sure you stick to well-lit areas and stay away from shady shortcuts. Always try to walk with friends.

As a passenger you have rights: if you think a driver has acted unfairly or dangerously you can make a complaint.

In case of emergency

If there is an emergency call 999 immediately.

For non-emergencies or if you would like to report a crime which has already happened, please dial 101 to talk to Northamptonshire Police.

For more advice

For more advice on personal safety please visit: