Community Trigger

What is the Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger is a mechanism designed to give victims of Anti-Social Behaviour (ASB) the right to a review of their case.

When certain criteria are met, agencies are required to review how previous complaints of ASB have been dealt with, and what further action (if any) is required.

Who can activate the Community Trigger?

The trigger can be activated by either the victim themselves or someone on their behalf – such as a carer, family member or councillor. A victim can be an individual, business or community group.

What is the Community Trigger criteria?

The following criteria must be met:

  • 3 reported incidents of ASB in the previous 6 months, to a relevant agency (police, council, housing provider)
  • Each report has been made within 1 month of the alleged incident
  • None of the reports were anonymous
  • Each reported incident must have caused harassment, alarm or distress

Each local authority has nominated a Community Trigger single point of contact, who will review any trigger activations against the criteria set. They will also consider the persistence of the ASB and the harm or potential harm caused.

What happens if the criteria is met?

A review will take place involving all relevant partners. The review will result in 3 outcomes;

1.   No further action (which can be appealed)

2.   Further action identified and prepared into an action plan with appropriate and realistic timescales

3.   No further action due to impending circumstances – for example awaiting court results

When is it not suitable to use the Community Trigger?

The Community Trigger is not a complaints process. If you are not satisfied with the outcome of a case contact the relevant organisations and ask for their complaints process.

How to activate the Community Trigger?

Details of the Community Trigger single points of contact for West Northants:

Victoria Rockall 

Email address: [email protected]

Postal address:

Victoria Rockall

Community Safety Partnership Manager

West Northants

The Guildhall

St Giles Square