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The CSP are coordinating weeks of action in each of the four priority areas to carry out high visibility, high impact activities alongside community engagement to tackle issues in the area.  Each week will be tailored for the particular area with an underlying purpose of raising awareness around alcohol and drug harm and domestic abuse.


Location Date
Bellinge 11 - 16 April 2016
Kings Heath
25 June - 1 July 2016
Lings / Weston Favell 12 - 17 September 2016
Part of Semilong / Regent Square
10 - 15 October 2016
St David's
Spring 2017


There will be a number of activities which will be coordinated across each of the areas week of action to include:

  • Youth engagement and sports activities
  • Awareness raising around drug and alcohol abuse
  • Crime prevention and home security advice
  • Rubbish removal and community clean-up activities
  • Community Payback carrying out landscaping improvements and other clean-up activities
  • Fire Service carrying out Home Fire Safety checks and fitting smoke alarms
  • Housing enforcement activity
  • Police enforcement activity
  • Promotion and education around recycling and the introduction of the Green Bag system and Euro-   bins

Community/youth activities

Additional community engagement activities and positive activities for young people are being organised according to each area's needs. This may include sports events, music, arts and crafts along with inter-generational projects.