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Unwanted recycling boxes

Please leave your unwanted recycling boxes at the kerbside, as Veolia are collecting daily. Alternatively, you can use your boxes for storage or additional recycling alongside your new recycling bin.

Community Payback sees criminal offenders repaying the community for their crimes through unpaid work that benefits the area.

It's not a soft option - some offenders can be sentenced to 300 hours of demanding, labour-intensive work.

Offenders in full-time work or education must give up one day at weekends and unemployed offenders will work four full days a week until their sentence is complete.

This initiative also offers opportunities for offenders to develop new skills which may help them gain employment.

The type of work typically includes:

  • painting and decorating
  • landscaping
  • graffiti removal
  • cleaning and litter-picking
  • fencing
  • improvements to parks and other community facilities
  • work for local charities

Offenders also wear orange Community Payback jackets to make the work more visible.

They work in supervised groups or individually with voluntary organisations and other agencies. We make sure they are fully risk assessed, suitable to work in the community and are carefully supervised.

Latest projects 

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