Northampton Community Safety Partnership

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Northampton has a long tradition of partnership working when it comes to community safety, pre-dating the introduction of the Crime & Disorder Act 1998 and the statutory requirement to establish a Partnership to tackle issues of community safety and crime and disorder. 

Northampton Community Safety Partnership, (CSP) brings together a range of partners from the public and voluntary sectors who are all engaged in activities which contribute towards making Northampton a safe place in which to live, work and visit.

The Northampton CSP has a legal responsibility to work together with partners to tackle crime, anti-social behaviour, substance misuse, environmental crime, and issues around re-offending. 

These actions are detailed in the Northampton Community Safety Strategy, which runs on a rolling three year basis; however, in an ever-changing environment, this strategy is reviewed and updated on an annual basis to make sure it is on track and that the priorities originally set are still relevant for the different communities across Northampton.

How we set our priorities

The identification of our priorities naturally emerges from undertaking a Strategic Assessment a statutory responsibility. This annual requirement is a combination of the skills and knowledge of analysts, and widespread consultation with the public, and also with our partners. 

This provides a solid evidence base for identifying patterns, trends and common themes. It allows us to develop an intelligence led, living, adaptable and evolving strategy, and helps us to respond effectively to the complex challenges that we face.

The Strategic Assessment provides a detailed analysis of a range of data and other information that is needed to assist us in developing our Community Safety Plan by:

  • Revisiting current priorities and identifying further strategic priorities
  • Providing a better understanding of crime and disorder issues
  • Providing knowledge of what is driving the problems in order to identify appropriate responses and solutions.
  • Improving our understanding of crime, disorder within the borough.
  • Enabling the partnership to work with a range of data sources, develop expert opinion and gain a clearer understanding of community needs
  • Enabling the partnership to embrace a more intelligence led and responsive approach to business planning.

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