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Unwanted recycling boxes

Please leave your unwanted recycling boxes at the kerbside, as Veolia are collecting daily. Alternatively, you can use your boxes for storage or additional recycling alongside your new recycling bin.

What is community safety?

Making you feel safe, whether at home, in the street or at work.

Student safety

What you can do to keep yourself safe whilst studying in Northampton.

Community Safety Partnership

Working with local bodies to help reduce and remove opportunities for crime and disorder.

Environmental crime

Helping tackle flytipping, trade waste, dog fouling, graffiti & littering.

Anti-social behaviour

Helping to reduce behaviour, which causes alarm, harassment or distress to the community.


Keep your home secure & reduce the risk of a burglary.


Since the introduction of CCTV in Northampton, it has become a valuable tool in helping to detect crime.

Safe night out

How to stay safe and have fun

Domestic abuse

How you can help to reduce or avoid domestic abuse.

Face to face fundraisers

Charity fundraisers working in Northampton can only operate in certain areas.

Hate crime

What is a hate crime is and how to report it.

Vehicle crime

Most vehicle crime is opportunistic and therefore preventable.

Violent crime

Personal safety tips in trying to prevent violent crime.

Community payback

Northampton Borough Council working in partnership with Northants Probation Trust.

Restorative Justice

Community Resolution for victims of crime.

Domestic Homicide Reviews (DHRs)

Explanation of DHRs and access to Home Office guidance

Public spaces Protection Order (PSPO)

General information about PSPOs and details of the Orders in Northampton

Modern slavery and human trafficking statement

The council recognises its role in safeguarding vulnerable individuals/groups and raising awareness of modern slavery. Working with the local safeguarding boards, we identify best practice and enable effective communication between relevant bodies including law enforcement, local authorities, health care bodies and local groups. The Modern Slavery Act 2015 requires certain businesses to publish an annual statement on the steps taken to eliminate slavery and human trafficking in their business and supply chains. Section 54 of the Act also requires the council to consider modern slavery as part of its procurement strategy, ensuring that contractors and third parties have policies in place and adhere to the law and their responsibilities. This is completed through our procurement arrangements with LGSS. The council's Modern Slavery Statement can be accessed via this here.






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