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Employment rights information

Lesbian Line - Northampton group

Marriage and Civil Partnership Information

Commission for Equality and Human Rights

FFLAG (Friends and Families of Lesbians And Gays)
FFLAG is an organisation of parents of lesbian daughters and gay sons which seeks to promote the well-being of lesbian, gay and bisexual people, their families and friends. FFLAG works constructively to combat prejudice and discrimination and help to create a society that is respectful of human diversity.

Gay Business Association

Free and confidential counselling, sexual health and LGBT support in Northampton. Provides youth group for under 18's, 18-25's group and a parents group.

LGBT History Month 
National web site, emailings available on subscription during the year.

London Friend
National organisation promoting health and well being of LGBT community and those uncertain of their sexuality.

Pink Pages Online
UK directory for LGBTQ friendly businesses.

Group in Milton Keynes area providing a range of services including social, counselling and other.

National group campaigning for equality and to prevent attacks on gay men and lesbians

Terrence Higgins Trust
THT was one of the first charities to be set up in response to the HIV epidemic and has been at the forefront of the fight against HIV and AIDS ever since. The Trust has a helpline. The Trust also has a wide range of publications and information on HIV, AIDS and sexual health for professionals and the public. It can provide guidance for employers in relation to HIV in the workplace and employer responsibilities.