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Bin collections are affected by the icy weather

There may be some delays in collecting your bins and boxes this week but all buses are now operating as normal.

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Safe night out

Dos and don'ts for a safe night out


  • Make sure you know how you are getting home - pre-book a taxi or arrange a lift.
  • Look out for friends and arrange a safe meeting place in case you get separated.
  • Save an ICE (In Case of Emergency) number in your phone.
  • Stash some cash in case you lose your wallet or purse.
  • Know your limits and stay in control.


  • Do not use cash points late at night, especially if you are on your own.
  • Never accept lifts from people you do not know.
  • Stay alert - do not get distracted by talking on a mobile phone or listening to music.

What is in your drink?

  • Spiking is not just drugs - vodka might be added to your pint or you might be given doubles instead of singles.
  • People spike drinks for all sorts of reasons: to be funny, out of spite or anger, to rob you or leave you open to sexual assault. 
  • Don't accept a drink from a stranger.
  • Don't take drinks from large open containers like punch bowls.
  • Don't share or swap drinks.
  • Never leave your drink unattended.
  • If a friend starts acting strangely ask for help and get them home.
  • Use something like an Alcotop to protect your bottle.

How are you getting home?

Take a lift in an unlicensed taxi and it could cost you more than the fare! Your driver may not be insured if you have an accident and you run the risk of being cheated, assaulted or even worse. 

Private hire vehicles - these are cars or other vehicles which have been approved by Northampton Borough Council.  They will have yellow double roof lights and display a yellow and white licence plate on the rear of the vehicle stating the licence number and also the registration number of that vehicle. These vehicles have to be booked and cannot be flagged down or your journey will not be insured.

Hackney carriages - are generally the London black cab style vehicles but they can be of any colour. They will display a maroon and white plate at the rear of the vehicle and will have an illuminated 'taxi' sign on the roof.  These vehicles can be flagged down on the street or found at licensed taxi ranks.