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Grounds maintenance

Hedge and shrubbery pruning takes place in the autumn and winter when the grass has stopped growing. We prune these once per year.

Hedges, shrubs and trees are not touched during the mowing season as there are DEFRA guidelines on nesting birds which prohibit our doing any work and disturbing them.

However, any emergency, health and safety issues regarding vegetation problems are reviewed on a case-by-case basis to prevent accidents or security problems, etc.

Mowing takes place once the grass starts growing usually during the spring and summer.

The areas throughout the town are worked on a rotational basis. There is no set quantity of cuts to the grass; however, we aim to do at least 8 cuts throughout the season.

Maintaining parks and gardens

We are responsible for the general operational management and day-to-day maintenance of the town's parks and gardens.

The council has a dedicated team of staff who pride themselves on delivering a high standard of horticultural maintenance. Mobile gardening teams regularly visit sites to ensure that standards are maintained at all parks.

The gardening staff ensures that the quality and range of horticultural features such as:

  • grass areas
  • litter collection
  • flower and shrub beds
  • hedges
  • playgrounds
  • outdoor sports facilities

are all maintained appropriately and that standards of cleanliness and health and safety are achieved by regular inspection.