Delapre Park

Delapre Park

Delapre is one of the most beautiful public gardens in Northampton and its grounds and the gardens can be enjoyed at all times of the year. This attractive area of 8 acres lies in the southern part of the town just off the main London Road, with open parkland of about 500 acres adjoining the gardens.

At the southern end of the Delapre estate lie Delapre Woods. These were originally cleared and planted when the gardens were laid out. Some fine oak, sweet chestnut and beech remain from this planting.

Delapre Abbey

The Abbey has a rich history dating back over 900 years. The restoration of the building is now one of the council's key regeneration projects in the town.

History of the park and abbey

Find out how the abbey and grounds have played a major part in Northampton's history for over nine centuries.

Park warden

Delapre Park is served by its own park warden who works with the community, neighbourhood wardens and others to help look after the park. 

Park Management Committee

Delapre Park Management Committee brings together key stakeholders and representatives with an interest in the park, to work in partnership to manage the park and plan for its future.