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Playground facilities

Play facilities

The council has adopted a policy for unsupervised children's playgrounds following consultation with local groups. The council recognises the needs of local children to have a safe place to play, and sets out how children's play opportunities will be improved, with particular emphasis on those areas of the council with greatest need.

The council currently manages the playgrounds, catering for age groups ranging from four years to twelve years, with teenage equipment on several sites. The council's playgrounds strike a balance between providing challenging and stimulating play and learning and meeting current safety requirements.

Northampton Borough Council currently provides 54 play areas in parks and 42 in housing.

The removal of play areas is in two parts:
Firstly, play areas are reviewed on an annual basis for re-grading and here old equipment is taken out, new modern equipment is put in its place.  
Secondly, other play areas are removed when they are vandalised or the equipment has aged and it is beyond economic repair or replacement.  

There are 22 multi use games areas (MUGAs) in various sites and 2 skate park facilities. 

Last reviewed 19/03/2009