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Bradlaugh Fields

General information

Bradlaugh FieldsDeveloped from a former golf course, Bradlaugh Fields is a 60-hectare site opened in 1998 having been designed by the local community for the local community.

It has been developed into a site rich in flora uncommon in Europe. A third of the British butterfly species can be found there along with a protected area for badgers.

Because of its conservation value, the park attracts a wide range of visitors each year from education groups to local community activities.

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Bradlaugh Fields Park Management Committee

Bradlaugh Fields Park Management Committee brings together key stakeholders with an interest in the park, to work in partnership to manage the park and plan for its future.

See up to date action plans for Bradlaugh Fields Park Management Committee.

If you would like to contact your Park Management Committee, please email [email protected]

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Community involvement

The park was designed by the community for the community based on their needs and requirements. The main requirement is that the park is maintained for its passive recreation and conservation value and not as a formal park.

Further information

Bradlaugh Fields and Barn