Becket's Park

Becket's Park

Becket's Park is a traditional park along the bank of the River Nene, and forms a green gateway to the centre of Northampton. It's a great place for those based or working in the town centre to relax.


Becket's Park Cafe

Open daily May - September, 11am - 6pm

Weekends only September - October, 12 noon - 5pm

(All subject to weather permitting and according to demand.)

Becket's Park Management Committee 

Becket's Park Management Committee brings together key stakeholders with an interest in the park, to work in partnership to manage the park and plan for its future. 

If you would like to contact your local Park Management Committee, please email [email protected]

History of the park

1164 - Thomas Becket drank from well on edge of park - trial in Northampton

1460 - War of the Roses, Battle of Northampton in Delapre - crossed river into park

1590 - Milling on site - Nuns mill given to Delapre Abbey

1612 - Flat racing on the site

1783 - Construction of promenade - New Walk

1841 - Promenade extended - Victoria Promenade and down to river

Mid 1920s - Bowling green and tennis added to add attraction

1931 - Promenade improved as part of Festival of Britain

1937 - Boat rides developed along river