Park management committees

The purpose of a park management committee is to bring key stakeholders and representatives with an interest in the park together to work in partnership to manage the park and plan for the park's future.

Key objectives of a park management committee include;

  • Discussing key issues that affect the park
  • Creating, maintaining and overseeing a park management plan
  • Encouraging active participation of the local community and park users in the discussion of issues and the sharing of information relating to the park
  • Providing an active line of communication for local groups, organisations and sports clubs with an interest in the well-being and future enhancement of the park
  • Developing the strategies for integrating the work of volunteers alongside others doing practical work in the park
  • Identifying sources of funding for the park.

Existing committees

Park management committees have now been set up in several parks across the borough following recommendations made by Northampton Borough Council's Scrutiny Panel on improving the town's parks. A report was produced in January and presented to the Overview and Scrutiny Committee:

The following parks have park management committees:

For more information, and to contact your park management committee, please contact the Customer Contact Centre on 0300 330 7000 or email your local park ranger at