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Northampton Borough Council

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We want more traders!

Whether you are an experienced trader or a first-time market trader, why not give Northampton a try? We are looking for new and unusual lines and will try to fit you in the best place for your stall.

You can complete an application form, but new traders must contact the Market Office before standing.

Tel: 01604 838444 or 07979 747081
The Guildhall, St Giles's Street, NN1 1DE.

  • You need to decide which days you would like to trade. We are open Tuesday to Saturday.
  • You will need Public Liability Insurance for £5million.
  • Our all-weather stalls are 9' x 9'6". Boards and trestles are available for you to use and electricity. Rubbish removal is included in the tolls.

Your first day

On your first day you will need to report to the Market office on the Market Square at 8am.  Please bring with you, completed in full:

  • Supporting identification and information
  • Original proof of current public liability insurance - £5million

You will also need to pay in cash for the stall(s) when they are allocated to you. When you arrive, the Market Officer will check your identification and details and if everything is in order, will allocate you a stall(s). Stalls are allocated on a seniority basis.

All traders, new to Northampton Market, start as casual traders. After a minimum of 4 weeks of regular continuous trading, casual traders can apply to become a permanent trader and if successful, will be granted a licence to trade on Northampton Market. 


There are two car parks close to the Market Square:

  • Mayorhold multi-storey for vehicles up to 2 metres high - £7 per day
  • Horsemarket for vehicles over 2m high - £5 per day

Permanent traders are offered subsidised parking, reducing the rate to £2.50 per day.