West Northamptonshire Council Unitary Elections

6 May Election

Elections on 6 May 2021

On Thursday, 6 May 2021 elections will take place for the new West Northamptonshire Council, the Northamptonshire Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner, and for town and parish councils.

Election Notices

West Northamptonshire Council elections

On 1 April West Northamptonshire Council will take over all the responsibilities formerly held by Northampton Borough Council, Daventry District Council, Northamptonshire County Council and South Northamptonshire Council.

The elections on 6 May will elect 93 councillors to stand on the new unitary authority.

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Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PCC) elections

The role of the Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner (PCC) is to be the voice of the people, to lead policing and criminal justice within their geographical area of responsibility and to hold Chief Constables and the police force to account. Elections for the PCC take place every four years.

Town and parish council elections

Parish or town councils are the most local level of government in England. A total of 117 parish and town councils are up for election on May 6.

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Voting in the elections

Registering to vote

To have your say, you will need to be registered to vote. If you are registering to vote for the first time you can do this online at www.gov.uk/registertovote 

If you have recently moved or you are not sure if you are registered, you should contact our Electoral Services team on 01604 837111 or email [email protected]

Deadline: The deadline to register to vote in these elections is Monday, 19 April 2021.

Vote in person

You can vote in person at your designated polling station from 7am to 10pm on election day, Thursday 6 May. 

Details of your polling station will appear on the poll card that will be sent out to you a few weeks before the elections. 

If you lose or forget your poll card you will still be able to vote without it, but it is easier if you have it with you.

Please wear a mask when voting in a polling station. A range of measures have been put in place to minimise the risk of Covid-19 at polling stations

Vote by post

If you are 18 or over and on the electoral register, you can apply for a postal vote. To do so you must complete a Postal Vote Application Form and return it to the Council. 

Postal vote packs are sent out about 10 to 15 days before Polling Day. They must be completed and returned by 10pm on the day of the election.

To request an application form for a postal vote email [email protected] or call 01604 837111.

Deadline: You must submit your application for a postal vote by 5pm on Tuesday 20 April

Vote by proxy

Voting by proxy means you can appoint someone you trust to vote on your behalf if you are unable to get to the polling station, for example if you are working away, on holiday abroad, or fall ill.

To arrange a proxy vote you must complete an application form and return it to the Council. To request an application form for a proxy vote email [email protected] or call 01604 837111

Deadline: You must submit your application for a proxy vote by 5pm on Tuesday 27 April. 

If you fall ill or are called away on business after this date, you may be able to apply for an emergency proxy vote up to 5pm on 6 May. However this would have to be attested by a doctor or manager.

Information for candidates and agents

Information on standing as a candidate or acting as an agent in the election can be found on our candidates and agents page

Covid-19 measures

A range of measures are being put in place to minimise the risk of Covid at the elections on 6 May. 

Find out more information on our Coronavirus measures page.


Purdah is the period during an election when a veil or curtain (purdah) must be drawn between public authorities (and their expenditure) and those standing for election.

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