Annual canvass

Annual Canvass - Electoral Register

The annual canvass process helps us update your household information on our Electoral Register. This means you will be eligible to vote in any future elections.

Please note: Northampton Borough Council is required by law to carry out the 2020 canvass. It has not been suspended as a result of Covid-19. When you're contacted, if you need to make a change to your registration information, please respond as soon as possible. This will make sure the process runs smoothly. It also means there will be no need for additional contact, which is particularly important at the moment.

Changes to the 2020 canvass

The Annual Canvass process has been improved this year following a Government review. Under the new process our Electoral Register is sent securely to the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) database where it is matched against their records.

Once that process is complete your property will be put into one of three categories, or routes:

Route 1 properties

If all the registered people in your household can be matched with the database you will receive a letter confirming this. Provided the details in this letter are correct, you will not need to take any further action. The letter will contain details of how to contact us should any of the information be incorrect.

Route 2 properties

If there is anyone in your household who does not match with the details on the database we will send you a letter asking you to respond. If you receive one of these letters you must respond so that we know who lives at your property and whether we require further information.

Route 3 properties

In the case of properties such as care homes, nursing homes and houses in multiple occupation (HMOs) a member of our staff will contact a single responsible officer at each property to ascertain who the residents are.

Letters will be sent to all households from Friday 10 July 2020.

Responding to the annual canvass

If you receive a letter from us which asks for more information then you must respond in order to remain on the electoral register. If you are not on the register you will not be able to vote in future elections. We will send you a letter from Friday 10 July 2020.

The letter will list the names of any people we have registered to vote at your address and ask you to respond. You can do this in one of the following ways:

◾ Visit and log on using the security codes supplied on your letter. 

◾Complete the form supplied with the letter and return it to us at the address provided.

◾ Call 0800 197 9871 and supply the security code from your letter (mobile providers may charge for this service). This service can only be used to confirm there are no changes to your information.

◾ Text NOCHANGE followed by the security code on your letter to 80212 (mobile providers may charge for this service). This service can only be used to confirm there are no changes to your information.

Please note: Any new people added must also register to vote online

Next steps

If you do not respond to a request for more information we will send you a reminder in mid-August. This reminder may come in the form of a letter or an email.

If you have still not responded by September you will receive either a telephone call or a visit from one of our canvassers.

Our canvassers will carry identification with them if they visit your home. If they contact you by phone please be aware that our canvassers will only ask for the date of birth and National Insurance Number of anyone in your household who is eligible to vote. They will not ask for any more information.

If you suspect fraud, please check with us by emailing [email protected] or phoning 01604 837111