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Polling place reviews 2019

Appeals to the review

Local authorities in Great Britain must designate and review UK Parliamentary polling districts and polling places. There is a right for some persons and bodies to appeal against reviews of polling districts and places to the Electoral Commission but only on certain grounds.

Grounds of appeal

An appeal can only be made on the grounds that the review did not:

  • meet the reasonable requirements of electors in the constituency
  • take sufficient account of disabled access to polling stations

Right to appeal

Following a review, certain persons have a right to appeal:

  • a parish council (or if there is no such council, a parish meeting) in England or a council of a community in Wales, which is wholly or partly situated within the constituency
  • 30 or more electors in the constituency
  • a person (other than the Returning Officer) who made representations under Schedule A1 to the Representation of the People Act 1983. This includes an elector in a constituency in the local authority's area (or in Northern Ireland, an elector in Northern Ireland) who made representations to the local authority (or to the Chief Electoral Officer in Northern Ireland) during the review
  • a person who is not an elector in a constituency in the authority’s area (or in Northern Ireland, a person who is not an elector in a constituency in Northern Ireland) but who we think has either sufficient interest in disabled access to polling places in the area or particular expertise in disabled access to premises and facilities

Appeals should be made directly to the Electoral Commission:

Legal Counsel
The Electoral Commission
3 Bunhill Row
London EC1Y 8YZ
Telephone: 020 7271 0500
Email: [email protected]

Further information

  • Electoral Commission appeals web page