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Northampton residents urged to take action as local cases rise above national rate. Plus find out how to book a test and see testing locations in Northamptonshire Latest Coronavirus updates

Elections and referendums

Previous elections and results

Parliamentary Election - 12 December 2019

Parish of Old Duston Ward Election - 30 August 2019

European Parliamentary Election - 23 May 2019

Delapre & Briar Hill - 29 November 2018

St George County Division - 19 July 2018

Eastfield and Nene Valley By-Elections - 28th September 2017

General Election 2017

County council election 2017

Referendum - Growing Together Neighbourhood Plan - 23 February 2017

Westone ward - 21 July 2016

Referendum on the United Kingdom's membership of the European Union - 23 June 2016

Police and Crime Commissioner election - 5th May 2016

Polling place review

We recently undertook a review of polling places.

Notice of neighbourhood planning referendum - Spring Boroughs

Parish council elections

There are 7 parish councils in Northampton. Elections take place every four years.


Previous election results