How to get a building listed

How to get a Building Listed

How is a building listed?

Buildings are added (or removed) from the list by the Secretary of State at the Department for Culture, Media and Sport on the recommendation of English Heritage. Buildings are added through:

  • Periodic re-survey of a borough or district
  • Studies of particular building types e.g. shoe factories
  • Spot listing of individual buildings under threat.

In the majority of cases, English Heritage will notify and consult owners if an application to list is made by another party. The Council is also consulted. There is, however, no right of appeal against a listing and no right to compensation for loss of redevelopment opportunities.

How to get a building listed

The Secretary of State at the DCMS, acting on the recommendation of English Heritage, will consider a request to list or de-list a building. If you want a building to be listed or a listing to be reconsidered, you must contact English Heritage. A form is available on the English Heritage web site:

For enquiries about getting a building listed, contact English Heritage:

Tel: 0870 333 1181

You do not need to be the owner of the building.

Any request for a listing review should be accompanied by:

  • A justification for adding (or deleting) a building
  • Location plan
  • Clear up-to-date photographs
  • Any other historical information on the building.

Evidence about a building's condition and cost of repairing or maintaining it or redevelopment plans cannot be taken into account.


A request for de-listing will not normally be considered when:

  • There is a current application for listed building consent relating to the building
  • There is an appeal against refusal of consent
  • If any legal action is being taken the Local Authority.

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