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Trees in conservation areas

Information about pruning/removing trees

Trees usually make an important contribution to the character of a conservation area. If you wish to prune or cut down trees in a conservation area, notice must be given in writing to the local authority six weeks in advance. The work may not start during that period without permission. If you do proceed, you could be prosecuted, fined, and have to plant a replacement tree.

Notice of intent to carry out works to trees in conservation areas should be made on an application form:

Permission is not needed to cut down or prune trees smaller than 7.5cm in trunk diameter measured at 1.5m above the ground (or 10cm in diameter where this is to help the growth of other trees) unless the trees are already included in a Tree Preservation Order. If so, a Tree Preservation Order consent will be required.

Where a tree is protected by being in a conservation area or Tree Preservation Order and you think that it needs attention, the council's Arboricultural Officer will inspect and advise on what (if anything) needs to be done. This advice is provided free of charge and will form the basis of any consent that you need. To arrange for an inspection, contact the Arboricultural Officer.

Contact details

Tel: 0300 330 7000

Date last reviewed: 28/04/2011