Kingsthorpe Conservation Area

Date of designation: 20 July 1970
Amended: February 2017
Area (hectares):

Latest Appraisal: February 2017

Kingsthorpe was historically a standalone village, lying approximately two miles north of the town centre and to the west of the main Market Harborough road. It is situated on sloping land overlooking the Brampton branch of the Nene Valley; this affords open views outwards across the shallow, wide valley , notably from the Green, the footpath along the western boundary of the churchyard and from Green End and Vicarage Lane, and this re-inforces the semi-rural character.

Kingsthorpe was mentioned as a substantial settlement at the time of the Domesday Survey of 1085 when it was known as Kingstorp; at that time it formed part of the demesne of the Crown. The historic core of the village is centred on the village green and the 12th century Church of St John the Baptist. By 1831 its population had reached 1,344 persons. In 1900 the village was incorporated into the County Borough administrative area. To the north and east, the former village has been surrounded by newer urban development.

The historic core was designated as a Conservation Area in 1971 and was one of the first such areas in Northampton. The boundary was extended in 1976 to incorporate Vicarage Lane and Kingswell Road. Vicarage Lane reflects the irregular layout and mixture of buildings which characterise the old Conservation Area. The lane is a cul-de-sac terminating with a view to Dallington Heath. Kingswell Road is notable for its high stone walls and the stone house known as Home Farm. The former farm complex includes two listed buildings, a 17th Century dovecote and stone barn of the same period.

The Kingswell (sometimes known as Longwell) is set against a high bank and stone wall to the south of The Green. The well itself is a natural spring which flows from beneath the retaining wall into a long brick trough and then into a culvert under the Green.

Kingsthorpe developed organically over several centuries but has retained a distinct village character resulting from its medieval origins, informal layout, irregular street pattern. The Conservation Area contains a variety of domestic buildings that are architecturally and historically important, including stone cottages and 18th and 19th Century red brick houses. A number of buildings are listed. The use of local sandstone and brick combine to create an individual identity and sense of place. Mature trees and grassed areas add significantly to the attraction of the village and tree preservation orders cover a number of the trees.

Stone walls border the road in Vicarage Lane. The Green, Kingswell Road and Mill Lane, and also flank the footpaths leading from Green End. These footpaths are interesting features, forming small lanes fronted by domestic buildings and narrowing as they proceed southwards into a setting with a rural appearance. Traffic flows present some problems on the periphery in Mill Lane, Kingswell Road and the eastern end of The Green, but the village is set apart from the main traffic routes and commercial areas and its character is unique within Northampton.

A Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan was adopted in February 2017. This aims to identify those elements which contribute to Kingsthorpeā€™s special character and appearance and which justify its continuing status as a Conservation Area. The appraisal also extended the boundary to include the Old Institute building on Kingswell Road.

Buildings listed as being of special architectural or historic interest

Kingswell Road Home Farm (House) 17C Stone/Slate
Home Farm (Dovecote) 17C Stone/Slate
Home Farm (Barn) 17C Stone/Slate
The Green Greenbanks & Wayside (Sunday School) 18C Sandstone/Tile
Kingswell Cottage 17C Stone/Slate
Church of St John the Baptist, from 12C
Green End 13, 17C Stone/Slate
15, 17C Stone/Slate
17, 19C Red Brick/Slate
Vicarage Lane 39 (The Cottage) & 43 (Home Cottage), 18-19C Stone/Tile
47, 17-18C Stone/Tile
Well Yard 13, 14 & 15, 17C Sandstone/Tile

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Kingsthorpe Conservation Area Appraisal 2017
Kingsthorpe Conservation Area Leaflet 1978

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