What information does listing include

What information does listing include?

The Statutory List includes a description of each building, which may refer to some, but not all, important features of an historic building. Every part a building is listed, including the interior and any later alterations or additions. Even if a feature (internal or external) is not included on the description, it does not mean that it is not of interest and it is still part of the listed building and worthy of protection.

What are the different grades of listing?

Listed buildings are placed in one of three grades, which give an indication of their relative importance - grade I, grade II* or grade II.

Grade I and II* listed buildings are a small proportion (about 6% nationally, 10% locally) of all listed buildings. They are particularly important to the nation's built heritage as buildings of outstanding architectural or historic interest.

The majority of listed buildings are Grade II. These represent an important part of our built heritage, which merits special protection. Note that the statutory controls on alterations apply equally to all listed buildings whatever the grade.

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