The Planning Committee

Planning Committee

Planning Committee

  The Planning Committee is responsible for making decisions on the larger and more sensitive planning applications received by the Council. It meets once a month at the Guildhall starting promptly at 6:00pm. You are welcome to attend this Committee and listen to the debate, or you can arrange to speak regarding a particular planning application.
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Speaking at Planning Committee Meetings

  Northampton Borough Council allows the public to speak at its Planning Committee. Information and guidance on how to arrange to speak at a meeting can be found through the link below.
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Delegated Decisions

  The Council receives well over 1,000 applications each year (the bulk of which are for domestic extensions/works) it is, therefore, impractical for all applications to be determined by the Planning Committee. Like all local planning authorities the Borough Council delegates the determination of certain planning applications to officers rather than the Planning Committee.
The Scheme of Delegation is set out as part of the Constitution of the Council. All applications for domestic extensions, except those involving Council owned property, are delegated to the Head of Planning for determination.
This is not unusual and is in accordance with Government guidelines and current best practice. However, the Council's Constitution also provides that a delegated application can be called-in by any member of the Council to be determined by the Planning Committee rather being delegated, provided that a valid planning reason is given.