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Please ensure that you quote the application number when making any comments.

For further information on an application, please contact the case officer. Any observations you make should relate to the proposal, land issues and not property values.

All comments received in respect of planning applications will become background papers (as defined in the Access to Information Act 1985) and accordingly will be available for public inspection and will be published on our website.

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Links to prominent applications currently under consideration are below:

Weekly list of applications

See a list of applications received in the last six weeks.

Viewing applications

For a complete list of all documentation in respect of any application please contact the Planning department on 0300 330 7000, or through the contact the council link at the bottom of the page.

Copies of current planning applications can also be viewed at the One Stop Shop in the Guildhall.

All documentation relating to any application can be requested from the planning department and viewed at the One Stop Shop.

Please allow at least a day's notice for the retrieval of the relevant files, since these have all been placed in storage.


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