Central Area Action Plan - Evidence Base

Central Area Action Plan Evidence Base

A range of studies, background material and evidence has been used in producing the Central Area Action Plan (CAAP). This is important in ensuring that the resulting plan is sound. Some of these studies have been carried out by other organisations; for example, Northamptonshire County Council or WNDC. Together these documents make up the evidence base to the CAAP.

The documents are all available for download and are coded for ease of reference.

Central Area Action Plan Evidence Base

CAAP - key documents

CAAP/001 Central Area Action Plan
CAAP/001b Central Area Action Plan - Maps 1
CAAP/001c Central Area Action Plan - Maps 2
CAAP/001d Proposals Map
CAAP/002a Schedule of changes
CAAP/002b Alterations map
CAAP/002c Submission Changes Maps
CAAP/003a Sustainability Appraisal: Non-Technical Summary
CAAP/003b Sustainability Appraisal Main Report
CAAP/003c Appendix A (Baseline)
CAAP/003d Appendix B (Matrices)
CAAP/003ed Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum
CAAP/004 Consultation Statement (in conformity with Regulation 22c) with appendices
CAAP/005a Consultation responses (in conformity to Regulation 22d): Pre-submission consultation responses November 2010
CAAP/005b Consultation responses (in conformity to Regulation 22d): Focused Changes consultation responses November 2011
CAAP/006 National Planning Policy Framework (Department for Communities & Local Government, March 2012)
CAAP/007 East Midlands Regional Plan, (Government Office for the East Midlands, 2009)

CAAP/S - supporting documents

CAAP/S/001 Central Area Action Plan Background Technical Paper (NBC, May 2010)
CAAP/S/002 Appropriate Assessment (NBC, May 2012)
CAAP/S/002 Equality Impact Assessment (NBC, May 2012)
CAAP/S/004 National Planning Policy Framework Compatibility Self Assessment Checklist
CAAP/S/005 Soundness Toolkit and Self Assessment
CAAP/S/006 West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy Pre-Submission Draft (WNJPU, February 2011)
CAAP/S/007 West Northamptonshire Local Development Scheme, February 2010 (superseded July 2012)
CAAP/S/008 Corporate Plan 2012-2015, (Northampton Borough Council, 2012)
CAAP/S/009 A Sustainable Community Strategy for Northampton 2008-2011, (Northampton Local Strategic Partnership, 2008)
CAAP/S/010 West Northamptonshire Local Development Scheme (West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit 2012)
CAAP/S/011 Statement of Community Involvement (NBC 2006)

Technical evidence base (including independent studies)

DPR/001 design and public realm

DPR/001/2a Conservation Area Appraisal for All Saints
DPR/001/2b Conservation Area Appraisal for Derngate
DPR/001/2c Conservation Area Appraisal for St Giles
DPR/001/2d Conservation Area Appraisal for Holy Sepulchre
DPR/001/3 CABE and English Heritage Tall Buildings Guidance (2007)
DPR/001/4 Public Realm Implementation Framework (Atkins, BDP & MVA Highway, October 2007) Section 1
DPR/001/4b Public Realm Implementation Framework (Atkins, BDP & MVA Highway, October 2007) Section 2
DPR/001/4c Public Realm Implementation Framework (Atkins, BDP & MVA Highway, October 2007) Section 3
DPR/001/4d Public Realm Implementation Framework (Atkins, BDP & MVA Highway, October 2007) Section 4
DPR/001/4e Public Realm Implementation Framework (Atkins, BDP & MVA Highway, October 2007) Section 5
DPR/001/5 Town Centre Health Check (Roger Tym & Partners, October 2009)
DPR/001/6 St John's Masterplan (Taylor Young / Lambert Smith Hampton, February 2008)
DPR/001/7 Waterside Northampton: Interim Report (David Lock Associates, May 2009) - No longer available
DPR/001/9 Northampton Urban Panel Report, July 2010

OSGI/002 open space and green issues

OSGI/002/1(a) Northampton Landscape Sensitivity and Green Infrastructure Study (Living Landscapes Consultation Ltd, 2009)
OSGI/002/1(b) Northampton Landscape Sensitivity and Green Infrastructure Study Figures 1 - 18
OSGI/002/1(c) Northampton Landscape Sensitivity and Green Infrastructure Study Figures 19 - 31
OSGI/002/2 Open Space, Sport and Recreation Needs Assessment and Audit (PMP, 2009) with appendices
OSGI/002/3 Northampton in Focus: A Review of Environmental, Economic and Social Data (Environ, July 2010)

FL/003 flooding

FL/003/1 Anglian River Basin Management Plan (2009)
FL/003/2 Northampton Strategic Flood Risk Assessment
FL/003/3 Northampton Central Area Drainage Assessment (draft)
FL/003/3a Northampton Central Area Drainage Assessment (Final Report - August 2012)
FL/003/4 River Nene Catchment Flood Management Plan (September 2009)
FL/003/5 West Northamptonshire Strategic Flood Risk Assessment Level 1 report (Scott Wilson, Feb 2009)
FL/003/6 West Northamptonshire Water Cycle Strategy Phase 1 (Halcrow, May 2009)
FL/003/7 West Northamptonshire Water Cycle Strategy Phase 2 (Halcrow, September 2011)
FL/003/8 West Northamptonshire Infrastructure Delivery Plan (Halcrow/EC Harris, Feb 2011)

T/004 transport

T/004/1 CAAP Assumption Modelling (Nov 2011)
T/004/2 Northamptonshire Bus Interchange Study Final Draft (MGWSP/NCC, March 2010)
T/004/3 Northampton Car Parking Strategy (May 2012)
T/004/3a Draft Northampton Central Area Car Parking Strategy (August 2012)
T/004/4 Northampton Cycle Development Plan (MGWSP/NCC, Nov 2010)
T/004/5 Northamptonshire Parking SPG (NCC, March 2003)
T/004/6 Northampton Parking Strategy (existing situation) (Oct 2011)
T/004/7 Northampton Proposed Signage Strategy (proposed)
T/004/8 Northampton Town Centre VISSIM Model report (MGWSP/NCC, April 2011)
T/004/9 Northampton Transportation Plan (March 2012)
T/004/10 Parking in Northampton Town Centre (MGWSP/NCC, Feb 2011)
T/004/11 Strategic Green Infrastructure Framework (Landscape Sensitivity Study) (diagram)
T/004/12 Manual for Streets (Department for Transport 2007) - no longer available
T/004/13 Fishmarket Bus Station Planning Application and Planning Committee Report (NBC 2012) - no longer available
T/004/14 The Northamptonshire Arc (Northamptonshire County Council Cabinet Paper, 2011)

R/005 retail



Building Frontage Appraisal - Market Square and Abington Street, Northampton, 2008 (Rodney Melville and Partners (split owing to size)
Download Part 1
Download Part 2
R/005/2 Central Area Sites Feasibility Study (Roger Tym & Partners/Gerald Eve; July 2010)
R/005/3 Central Area Sites Feasibility Study Update / Abington Street East (Roger Tym & Partners/Gerald Eve; October 2011)
R/005/4 Northampton Market Square Study, 2008 (PleydellSmithyman)
R/005/5 Northampton Shopfront Design Guide Supplementary Planning Document, September 2011 (Northampton Borough Council)
R/005/6 Northampton Town Centre Healthcheck, 2009 (Roger Tym & Partners)
R/005/7 Northampton Town Centre Shopping Survey, 2010 (Northampton Borough Council)
R/005/8 Retail Strategy for Northampton Town Centre (CACI, May 2008)
R/005/9 Town Centre Frontages and Primary Shopping Area Technical Report, 2010 (Northampton Borough Council)
R/005/10 West Northamptonshire Retail Study update (Roger Tym & Partners, February, 2011)
R/005/11 The Portas Review: An independent review into the future of our high streets (Mary Portas, December 2011)
R/005/12 The changing face of retail: The store of the future, (Deloitte, 2011)
R/005/13 Hidden Potential: Fulfilling the economic potential of mid-sized cities, (Paul Swinney & Andrew Carter, June 2012)
R/005/14 West Northamptonshire Retail Capacity — 2012 Update (Roger Tym & Partners, July 2012)
R/005/15 Planning Appeal Decision - 24 Abington Street, 2011
R/005/16 NBC Planning Committee Papers - Former Royal Mail site, 24 July 2012
R/005/16a Addendum to Agenda Items - Former Royal Mail site, 24 July 2012
R/005/16b NBC Planning Committee Minutes - Former Royal Mail site, 24 July 2012
R/005/17 West Northamptonshire Retail Study, March 2009

E/006 employment

E/006/1 West Northamptonshire Employment Land Study (WNELS, Roger Tym & Partners, July 2010)
E/006/3 Northamptonshire Strategic Employment Land Assessment (Lambert Smith Hampton, Atkins and Nortolf, 2009)
E/006/4 Sustainable Northamptonshire Economic Action Plan (SNEAP) (Northamptonshire Enterprise Limited (now Northamptonshire Enterprise Partnership, December 2010)

H/007 housing

H/007/1 People and Places Strategy (CACI / Scott Wilson, 2008)
H/007/2 Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA) (Opinion Research Services June 2010)
H/007/3 West Northamptonshire Strategic Housing Land Availability Assessment Update (SHLAA) (West Northamptonshire Joint Planning Unit 2012)
H/007/4 Strategic Housing Market Assessment Update (SHMA) (Opinion Research Services, August 11)
H/007/5 Draft Affordable Housing Interim Statement (NBC June 2012)
H/007/6 Housing Strategy 2010-2015 (NBC 2010)
H/007/7 Northamptonshire Key Worker Housing Needs (Matters of Fact, June 2005)

SS/008 strategic sites

SS/008/1 Avon Nunn Mills Strategic Development Framework (LDA Design 2010)
SS/008/2 Avon / Nunn Mills / Ransome Road Development Parameters (WNDC / NBC July 2011)
SS/008/3 Becket's Park Masterplan (Halcrow March 2009)
SS/008/4 Castle Station masterplan Options Report (BDP, December 2010)
SS/008/5 Secretary of State letter to grant Conservation Area Consent for demolition in relation to the new Bus Interchange
SS/008/6 Northampton Bus Interchange: Appraisal Report (MGWSP, June 2011)
SS/008/7 Northampton Bus Interchange Study (MGWSP, March 2010)
SS/008/8 West Northamptonshire Infrastructure Delivery Plan (Halcrow/EC Harris, Feb 2011)
SS/008/9 Central Area Design, Development and Movement Framework (BDP, December 2006)
Part One
Part Two
SS/008/10 St John's Masterplan (Taylor Young/Lambert Smith Hampton, 2008)
SS/008/11 St Peters Waterside (David Lock, 2010)
SS/008/12 Nene Meadows Masterplan (Nortoft, 2010)
SS/008/13 Delivery Strategy (Roger Tym & Partners, August 2012)
SS/008/14 Northampton Bus Development Plan (MGWSP, March 2010)

SS/009 infrastructure

1/009/1 Infrastructure Delivery Plan (WNJPU, February 2011)
1/009/2 Infrastructure Delivery Plan Update (WNJPU, July 2012)

SU/010 situation update

SU/010/01 Statement on Behalf of the University of Northampton - 10 August 2012
SU/010/02 Situation Update Regeneration and Development Service, Northampton Borough Council
SU/010/03 Sustainability Appraisal Report Addendum

HS/011 hearing statements

HS/011/01 Proposed Amendment Paragraph 3.3.3
HS/011/02 Retailer Requirements Sept 2012
HS/011/03 Bank Representation in MK Shopping Centre
HS/011/04 Carlsberg’s Heathfield Way Site
HS/011/05 Carlsberg National Grid Site Planning Narrative
HS/011/06 Carlsberg’s Northampton Expansion Potential Scheme
HS/011/07 Northampton Waterside Enterprise Zone - no longer available
HS/011/08 Northampton Alive Development Map
HS/011/09 Northampton Alive Timeline
HS/011/10 Legal & General Summary for Public Inquiry
HS/011/11 Northampton Bus Interchange Programme