Northampton Local Plan part 2 Proposed Submission

The Northampton Local Plan Part 2 Submission Draft was published for public consultation between 1 May and 14 June 2019.

The responses to this consultation can be viewed through the following link.

The consultation is now closed. 

This Plan sets out the vision and objectives for Northampton Borough to 2029, and implements the strategy set out in the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy (Local Plan Part 1) which was adopted in 2014. It contains development management and site specific policies, as well as site allocations showing where new developments should take place and which areas need to be protected and / or enhanced. Once adopted, the Northampton Local Plan Part 2, together with other development plans, will be used in the determination of planning applications.

This Proposed Submission Draft has been prepared in accordance with Regulation 19 of the Town and Country Planning (Local Development) (England) Regulations 2012. At this stage of the plan preparation process, we were consulting on a Submission Draft which we consider is ready for independent examination by the Planning Inspector. Comments were invited on the Plan’s soundness, legal compliance and compliance with the Duty to Co-operate before being formally submitted. The Statement of Representation explains how you comments could be made and the grounds on which comments could be made. 

You can download the Proposed Submission Draft and its accompanying consultation documents below: 

The consultation documents below are for reference only - the consultation is now closed and any submissions received will not be duly made.

Evidence base documents

We have either commissioned or prepared technical evidence base to support the plan preparation process and to inform the policies which have been included in the Local Plan Part 2.  See the evidence base and download the documents: