Northampton Local Plan Part 2 - sites consultation

The purpose of this consultation, which closed on 13 November 2017, was to gather views on the potential future uses of sites to deliver the strategy and development required in Part 1 of the Local Plan – the West Northamptonshire Joint Core Strategy.

Responses to the consultation can be viewed through the link below.

We have not taken a formal view on any of the sites contained within the consultation document and their inclusion in the sites consultation does not necessarily mean that they will be considered appropriate for development. The outcome of this consultation and further work will need to be considered before deciding what goes into the Plan.

In order to meet the development requirements set out in Part 1 of the Local Plan, the Local Plan Part 2 will need to allocate sites for development, including land for housing. This is the first public consultation that sets out a list of sites to be considered for further investigation in preparing the Local Plan Part 2.

The sites consultation document (PDF, 7MB) contained sites that were submitted to the council by landowners and developers, and for completeness includes council owned sites. The consultation document contained two lists:

  • sites that should be considered for further investigation in producing the Local Plan
  • sites not being taken forward for further consideration

No decisions have been made about any of the sites mentioned in this consultation, and all consultation responses will be taken into account when we draw up a more detailed draft Plan for the next stage of the consultation process.

We also consulted on the Sustainability Appraisal (PDF, 11MB) and information to support the Habitats Regulations Assessment (PDF, 3.6MB) that accompanied the sites consultation. 

An important part of the evidence base for sites consultation was the Land Availability Assessment (PDF, 5.5MB).