Duston Neighbourhood Plan Examination

Examination of Neighbourhood Plan Proposal

On 23 February 2015, Duston Parish Council submitted a Neighbourhood Plan proposal for examination.  Northampton Borough Council published the Duston Neighbourhood Plan Proposal  and also issued a determination statement in respect of Strategic Environmental Assessment (SEA) and Habitats Regulations Assessment (HRA) of the proposed Plan.

The Plan consultation ran from 26 February to 14 April 2015.

All comments were considered during the examination of the Neighbourhood Plan proposal.

If supported at referendum by local people, the Duston Neighbourhood Plan will be adopted by Northampton Borough Council and will be used to determine planning applications.

Documents to be submitted to the Examiner can be downloaded from the links below.

Document Reference Document title

Submission Letter
Submission documents SD01 Application to designate a Neighbourhood Area
SD02 Statement of Community Involvement
SD03 Neighbourhood Plan Submission Version
SD04 Basic Conditions Statement
Evidence Base documents EB02 Duston Neighbourhood Plan Consultation 2013
EB03 Duston's Future Consultation May/June 2014
EB04 Pre-Submission Consultation Responses
EB05 NBC response
EB06 Townscape Report
EB07 Provision of Employment Land in and around Duston
EB08 Open Spaces
EB09 Community Facilities
Strategic Environmental Assessment SEA Strategic Environmental Assessment & Habitats Regulation Assessment Determination Statement