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GI Project D3: Foot Meadow

Green Infrastructure Project Plan

Code on interactive map: D3

Project Context

The site comprises an island in the Brampton Arm of the river Nene, to the south of Northampton railway station, and also extends to include the southernmost part of the Brampton Arm, to its confluence with the river Nene. There are several stretches of steep bank which need re-profiling, and some sections which are constructed of vertical sheet piles or bricks. These steep, artificial banks result in a poor river-land interface, reduced marginal habitat, and a potential health and safety risk to residents. There is a footpath along Foot Meadow island, but access is restricted by a lack of footbridges. There is also potential to improve access between the river Nene and the Brampton Arm.

Project Proposal

Fottpathon meadow island

Footpath on Foot Meadow Island
Click on picture for full-size image of Footpath on Foot Meadow Island

Bank re-shaping to reduce bank gradients around Foot Meadow island and remove exposed rusty sheet piling. Creation of two-stage channels where possible to improve habitats and floodwater capacity. Installation of pre-vegetated coir rolls over vertical sheet-piling and brick banks to improve aesthetic appearance and ecological value. Improvements to public access, and potential encouragement to new developments to focus on the Brampton Arm rather than face away from it.

Project Location Map

Component map

NBC Interactive Map

About the Project

The site is within the Brampton Valley Sub-Regional GI Corridor, and includes a key link between the Brampton Valley and river Nene GI Corridors. It is also within the Central Area Action Plan.

Project Location:

Brampton Arm of the river Nene, between the railway station and its confluence with the river Nene.

Project Size:

Approx. 1300 linear metres

Potential Delivery Partners:
  • Nene Valley Nature Improvement Area (NIA)
  • NBC
  • the Environment Agency
  • the River Restoration Centre
  • River Nene Regional Park
  • the Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire
  • the University of Northampton
  • the Waterside Improvement Group
Current Status:


Indicative timescale following full award of funding:
  • Project plans currently being developed.
Indicative Project Costings


Approx. no./ length/ area required

Approximate cost

None yet known






Project Benefits

Biodiversity benefits:

Bank re-profiling, and facing artificial banks with vegetated coir rolls will help to provide habitats for a range of species, increasing the biodiversity value of the site. Removal of invasive river bank vegetation will enable native species to thrive.

Access and movement benefits:

Potential to improve public access into the area, and to enhance the currently poor GI links between the river Nene and the Brampton Arm.

Cultural heritage benefits:

Archaeological investigations undertaken as part of the project may reveal previously unrecorded finds or features.

Community benefits:

Improved access and enhancement of the area, potentially reducing anti-social behaviour and bringing community benefits.

Public health benefits:

This project is part of a larger group of projects to improve the water quality of the River Nene, which will have wider positive benefits on public health. Improved public access to the river and movement network will also encourage outdoor exercise and sustainable transport.

Supporting economic growth:

Green town centre sites such as this can be catalysts for redevelopment, creating a positive environment for business, leisure and residential development in which the river is a key part.

Drainage and flood amelioration:

Creation of a two-stage channel will increase floodwater storage capacity.

Landscape benefits:

Re-naturalising the river banks will greatly enhance their aesthetic appearance, and make a positive contribution to landscape and townscape character.

Other potentially linked projects:
  • A4 Cycle Path extension into the Town Centre
  • Existing routes along the river Nene
  • Development and access improvements through the Central Area Action Plan
Potential sources of funding:
  • Not yet known