Green infrastructure in Northampton

What is green infrastructure?

Northampton’s green infrastructure is a mixture of its open spaces and the routes that link them. It’s made up of places like parks, woodlands and lakes. It includes street trees pocket parks and recreation grounds and routes like river and canal corridors, cycle ways and public footpaths.

Why is green infrastructure important?

Northampton’s network is used by residents and visitors for sport and leisure activities and simply to relax. It’s important for our health and well-being. It’s also a home for wildlife and provides path ways to help animals, birds and plants move from place to place.

A Green Infrastructure Plan for Northampton

The Northampton Green Infrastructure Plan forms part of the evidence base for the Northampton Local Plan Part 2. It spells out the role of green infrastructure within the borough, letting us know how and where we can make it better. In addition the Plan will inform guidance for developers who submit future planning applications within the borough.

Although it is intended as a planning tool, its broad remit means that it will be of value to a wide range of partners and stakeholders working to develop and implement green infrastructure at the local level. It represents a new, innovative and committed approach to the delivery of green infrastructure for Northampton.

Fully evidenced, it:

  • forms part of the evidence base for the Local Plan Part 2
  • defines Northampton’s Local Level Green Infrastructure Network
  • prioritises Northampton’s objectives in the planning and development of, and investment in, green infrastructure
  • provides exemplar project plans setting out live green infrastructure projects
  • establishes best practice principles, aims and objectives, and
  • includes a funding strategy

Interactive mapping tool

The Plan is supported by an interactive map hosted by the council’s interactive mapping service.

Clicking on the map information sources you will be connected to additional information where available, usually through links to the website. This includes links to information on the Local Level Green Infrastructure Network components

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