Neighbourhood Planning - Other Ways to Shape Your Community

Neighbourhood Development Plans and Neighbourhood Development Orders (NDO) give new powers to communities to shape the places in which they live and work.

However If you don't feel that Neighbourhood Planning is the right approach to shape your community, there are many other 'tools' available to assist you in shaping your community.

Some other ways to influence planning decisions in your area are outlined below:

Make Comments to Council Consultations on Local Development Documents and Planning Applications

The Council is responsible for ensuring the future development needs of Northampton are met.

The Council is currently producing a Local Plan, or Development Plan for Northampton, which will set out the Council's planning policies and proposals for future development.

It is vital that the views of residents inform the plan-making process, and the views of the public are invited and welcomed at various stages of public consultation.

These can be submitted online, via email or in writing.

When the Council receives a formal planning application, comments are invited by displaying public notices and writing to homes and businesses near the proposed site.

Larger developments are also advertised in local newspapers.

Details of proposals can be viewed online on the Planning Applications page.

Get Involved at Developers' Public Consultations

The Council encourages agents, developers and house-builders to involve local people in shaping up their proposals, through early and effective public consultation.

The knowledge and views of local people are important in influencing development proposals to ensure that new development meets the local community's vision for their area.

Work with the Council to Shape Development Policies in your Area

Outside of the formal stages of public consultation, there may be opportunities to work with the Council to shape future development in your area.

For example this could include:

Working with the Council to produce specific planning policies for inclusion in the Local Plan or Development Plan, to shape your area
Work with the Council to produce an additional planning document (such as a Supplementary Planning Document, Development Brief, or Masterplan) to be adopted as part of Northampton's Development Plan

Other New Powers

In addition to Neighbourhood Plans and NDOs, the Localism Act introduced a number of other new powers as outlined below.

Community Right to Bid gives communities the chance to bid to buy and take over the running of assets that are of value to the local community.

Under this, your community could use the Community Right to Bid to buy a local asset such as a:

Community Centre
Children's Centre
Library building; or
Local pub

Community Right to Build gives communities new powers to build local housing, shops and community facilities. It allows communities to create the buildings they want to see without going through the normal planning application process.

Community Right to Build Orders are a special type of NDO. Unlike NDOs and Neighbourhood Plans, any local community organisation, not just a Neighbourhood Forum or Parish Council, will be able to create Community Right to Build Orders.

Community Right to Challenge allows parish councils, voluntary and community groups, and staff from certain public bodies to challenge to take over local services that they think they can run differently and more effectively.

If you want to take over the running of a local service, the first thing to do is submit a proposal for consideration by the Council. The Council must then invite all interested parties to bid for the contract to run the service. If your bid is successful, your group will become responsible for delivering the service.

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