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The Deposit Bond Scheme- information for tenants

What is the Deposit Bond Scheme?

Most private sector landlords require a sizeable deposit before they will offer a tenancy.

If your housing situation changes suddenly or unexpectedly and you are threatened with homelessness it can be difficult to get together the money needed for such a deposit.

To help prevent people in this situation becoming homeless the council has developed the Deposit Bond Scheme. It is run by the Private Sector Housing Solutions Team (PSHS)

The scheme aims to help people who need access to good quality, affordable accommodation within the private rented sector.

We offer private landlords a written legal guarantee (the deposit bond)  instead of a cash deposit . This guarantees that landlords can make a claim for certain sorts of damage or rent arrears at the end of a tenancy. We work only with accredited landlords.

This is not a direct access scheme. You must have had a Housing Options interview before being considered for the scheme. We have to approve any guarantees, and any tenancy not approved by the PSHS team prior to letting will not be eligible. We also cannot accept retrospective applications. So please do not sign a tenancy with a private landlord without contacting us first.

Who can apply?

Households who wish to be considered for the scheme need to fulfil the following criteria:

  •  live in Northampton
  •  be threatened with homelessness
  •  be in priority need and not be intentionally homeless
  •  be able to live independently
  •  be on low income which does not meet their housing needs
  •  have no other available housing options or financial resources.